The Brixton Project creates and curates places and spaces in which everyone has an investment.

What we do

We offer insight, consultation and the commissioning of public creativity.
We connect business, citizens and creative networks to bring the positive power of creativity to the heart of local communities.
When people play an active part in shaping their world, it makes that world a better place for everyone.
We call it participatory placemaking.

Why The Brixton Project?

Creativity is key to ensuring our urban environments adapt and grow as inclusive and welcoming spaces that bring joy to residents, visitors and workers alike.
From community resilience to environmental issues; inclusion to equity, working together ensures change happens with us, not to us.
Our projects invite people to get involved and feel at home – whoever you are wherever you’re from.
The community that plays together stays together.

How we do it

The Brixton Project provides strategic guidance for building creative, resilient urban environments which delight and unite.
Our process breaks down into three streams:
1. Unique insight gathering
2. Inclusive and constructive consultation
3. The commissioning and management of public arts projects
We have an unrivalled knowledge of the urban context, and we implicitly understand how to engage and activate communities – finding common points of interest and building capacity in local people and organisations.
Most importantly we have opens minds. We facilitate constructive conversations, introduce diverse opinions and enable genuine contributions.
We lead by listening, and always operate on the fundamental understanding that change must benefit everyone.

We'd love to discuss how we can help create, curate or bring life to your project, space or place.

You’ll find us in the heart of Brixton

International House,
6 Canterbury Crescent
Brixton, London SW9 7QE

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